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Flea Market

Q. Where is the Flea Market located?

A. At the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, 19201 Bagley Rd. (please use this entrance only). Look for the large wind turbine on the race track, weather permitting.

Q. What are the days of operation?

A. Every Saturday & Sunday, starting April 18 & 19 through October 31 & Novemeber 1, weather permitting.

Q. What are the hours?

A. Gates open at 5AM for vendors and 6AM for buyers. Although Grounds must be vacated by 2:30PM.

Q. What is the cost?

A. Sellers’- Saturday’s- $6.00 per space.
    Sellers’ - Sundays $12.00 per space.
    Buyers’ - $1.00 per day.

Q. Are tables available?

A. No, every seller should bring their own tables & display items.

Q. Is there a phone number to call for more information?

A. Yes, 440-752-3013, from 7AM to 5PM or *400-243-0090 Ext. 114 (*You can leave a message and we will call you back).

Q. How big is the booth size?

A. It is a 20’ frontage.

Q. Can I reserve a booth?

A. No, booth spaces are first come first serve.

Q. Is food available?

A. Yes, anything from coffee to ice cream, BBQ and lemonade, hotdogs to pop.

Q. Can I stay set-up from Saturday to Sunday?

A. No, due to usage of the track for other purposes.

Q. Are there any specials?

A. Ask about our frequent buyer/seller program upon arrival.


****Outdoor season begins April 18 & 19 through Oct. 31 & Nov. 1 weather permitting—every Saturday & Sunday****

Attendees to Earth Fest will be able to visit the outdoor Flea Market (Re-Purpose Market) For FREE

Expected attendance 15,000-30,000