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Fair Daily Schedule

R&S Chainsaw Wood Carvings

Living in western Pennsylvania and teaching woodcarving classes, Rick and his wife Sue begain their own business, RS Woodcarving.  

Rick Cox has traveled the world perfecting his skills... studying carvers from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Germany.

The Spirit of America's Story

The Wall is a free standing portable structure approximately 80-100 feet in length and 8 feet high. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it holds mural panels depicting critical junctures in United States history. Speakers dressed in period costume will open a window on America's past, providing historical insights and anecdotes, all of which help reveal our nation's character... the true Spirit of America.  This beautiful illustrated wall will help teach, inspire and educate young and old alike.

Sand Sculptor Carl Jara

Carl Jara is a lifetime resident of the greater Cleveland area. He attended high school knowing full well that he wanted to become an artist--taking and retaking every art class at school. In an act of desperation, his art teacher sent him to work with the stage crew.  There he met Tom Morrison, then a firefighter and President For life of the International Association of Sand Castle Builders. Tom took Carl under his wing, teaching him the basics of both sandsculpting and business.

Rabbit Costume Contest

With floppy ears, twitchy noses, cotton tails, and fur soft as angel feathers, who doesn't love a bunny?  No one, that's who.  And they're even cuter all dolled up for the costume contest, which is not to be missed.  Afterwards, pay a visit to our Rabbit Barn, where you may even get to pet a rabbit.


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