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  • Neighboring business CEO: “don’t want to look at a wind turbine & don’t want
    employees to be distracted from their work”
  • Nursing home: “too close” (700’)
  • Cell tower owner: “will cause interference” (800’)
  • Mayor & Council denied project after 22 months of hearings
  • Moved site to other host city; quickly approved
  • Approved application for 280’.
  • Relocated turbine 600’ and received Notice of Potential Hazard. Airport had
    meanwhile amended planning to add another runway. Choices: 1) shorten to
    107’, 2) relocate 300’ away, or 3) request further review (“Circ”).
  • Approved new location at height of 295’, after two (2) months.
  • Unless,
    1. if the item is not made in USA,
    2. if U.S.-made would increase
      project costs more than 25%,
    3. if Buy American would be inconsistent with
      the public interest
  • Or, “Substantial Transformation” (Yes to either 1, 2, or 3)
    1. Made and assembled in U.S.? – No
    2. Change of character? – No
    3. Were U.S. processes complex and meaningful? – Yes
      1. Substantial amount of time? – Yes
      2. Costly? – Yes
      3. Require high-level skills? – Yes
      4. Require a number of different operations? – Yes
      5. Substantial value added? – Yes
  • Approved Substantial Transformation
  • Noise, flicker, visibility: all okay
  • Indiana bats: new USFWS regulation requiring 1000’ from woodlot (ours is
    750’); approved
  • Historical Impact: turbine in city with (4,000) pre-1950 buildings; approved
  • EA approved after eight (8) months preparation